Quebec Billings Ovulation Method™ Instructors approved by WOOMB International

February 1, 2018 - WOOMB, the World Organization of Ovulation Method Billings, is THE reference for the teaching and development of the Billings Ovulation Method™ of natural family planning. This method helps the couple to identify fertile and infertile periods to promote or postpone a birth indefinitely. Any woman can follow her gynecological health - including fertility - from her first menstrual period to menopause with this simple and cost-effective method.

WOOMB recognizes only one association per country for the approval of the instructors. In June 2017, WOOMB Canada officially accepted Service Vie-Amour - which has been teaching this method in Canada since 1980 in French. The Service Vie-Amour instructors have always been eager to teach the authentic Billings method. All Service Vie-Amour staff are volunteers.

Presently, there are approved instructors of the Billings™ ovulation method in Abitibi, Montérégie, Mauricie, Bas St-Laurent, in the Quebec and Montreal regions, and soon on the Côte-Nord. Other WOOMB Canada member associations have bilingual instructors, trained in English, including on the Island of Montreal, Ottawa and Saskatchewan.

In addition to face-to-face meetings, couples can rely on the Fertility Pinpoint digital application, with which, at low cost, you can record your observations and share them online with a teacher, whether in France or ... soon Quebec.

This knowledge is a beautiful Valentine's Day gift to one's couple: it strengthens the bond of love and builds the relationship on the truth of the mutual gift without artifice. It is also a beautiful element of the wedding trousseau that can prepare any teenager who is aware of her dignity as a woman.

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 par Louise Royer, monitrice – 819 373-0983